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Processes of thought ..

I find it hard to talk about my work, to articulate what it is I’m doing , It’s like thoughts and feeling whirl around my mind, it’s a kind of escapism. I could be at work doing my “day job” so to speak (my bread and butter money) and a thought or memory interrupts my daily work routines.

So this thought process is what drives my work, memories and feelings of social outings, landscapes and theme park set design interiors, all kinds of experiences feed into my work.

I fixate on a particular moment that intrigues me the most , a themed series starts to emerge from a few small sketches just to see if the series will have strength. If the small series of thumb nail sketches excite me then the series unravels before me on and on until it runs out of steam . I’m writing this and my Degree education tells me that I shouldnt write in this way, I should write with theory and research in mind , I forever question myself .. but is it wrong to write in this way ….


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