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Colour Field Painting?

I was having a discussion the other day, just a random in passing conversation about the progress of my latest painting. she said "i really like your latest painting , i think its your best yet, but i still like your work you did in 2016-18" , i said "what did you like about that work"? she said "the colour, it was so bright " she said "but i know that people might not see it like i do".

Below is a painting taken from the series she was talking about.

Where to next ? 2018 Oil in Canvas 75x90cm

I started to explain that i love colour and colour field painting , i gave an example of Mark Rothko who i greatly admire. I am really attracted to the blocks of colour he created which emit emotion. I said that you have to visit the Mark Rothko room at the Tate Modern, that it is quite spectacular.

With that in mind, that is the beginnings of my work. I break down the composition into segments, each area has its own expressions within , its own brush marks, its own identity they make up the painting as a whole . This thinking has arisen again in my latest series of water colour painting.

The image below is only the very beginnings of the painting but you can see that each section has its own identity, its own freedoms to be what it wants to be within its boundaries, sometimes its unruly and runs out of is confines.

I also explained that i think i may of lost this thought process whilst i was creating my aquarium series. I made this series with the sole intension of trying to attract more attention to my work. I thought that if i made it more figurative it would be more highly valued. I of course was wrong. I now create for me and me alone .

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